Before I Die

Album: Shore Leave ( Single ) (2013)

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Song: Shore Leave

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Here in our home town of Douglas,Az there are many amazing and wonderful musicians who seek to be in bands and do what they love doing; performing. That is what we all did. We had been playing in different bands prior to Before I Die and had tried to go places and do great things, but it was all mostly home town shows. That wasn't what we had wanted at all. The founding members Gus , Victor, and Joe knew this to be true first hand. They had a great love for the music, playing for a crowd, and a dream to go the distance and earn a rightful place among their idols and influence the next future generation of kids to do what others drove them all to do.
After the crash and burn of two band attempts, the trio rose above the ashes left behind and started all over again in September of 2011. They had sought out other members that had these same goals in mind. After a few weeks of looking around they found original guitarist, Joey Daniel and original drummer, Gilbert Gastelum. They also had their former secondary vocalist, Andre' Olivas. After a successful show in Tucson and the participation at the Douglas annual Halloween Show, they found that they had potential to do great things. The crowd had been amazed and even moshed and participated with the band, something that no crowd before had ever done when they had performed in their previous bands. After losing some interest in drumming Gilbert left the band as well as Andre'. The band kept moving in a forward direction and then found Alexis Gonzales as their new drummer and Genesis Rascon as their clean vocalist. The band then had begun taking bigger steps and playing more shows across AZ. They had gained much popularity with their new refined sound and with the appeal of having a female vocalist on board. Things could not get better than this... but sadly the band hit a speed bump.
Alexis had got accepted into a school in Juarez, Mexico and had the oppertunity to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. That meant he had to leave behind the dream of going anywhere with Before I Die. It was a hard stab at everybody's heart, but the wound was only worsened when Genesis had told everybody she too was moving away to Tucson, AZ to get ready to start school. The band was unsure of what to do at this point. Luckily, they had a friend by the name of Raymond Alvarez who was able to take on Alexis' parts on drums. He originally had been a part of another band called For Yesterdays Dreams and had said he would fill in for Before I Die. The band was then able to still perform, but sadly parted ways with Alexis. Joey Daniel then left the band for personal reasons. The band was then again in an unstable state, but after much talking they got their old friend Aaron Villa on board. For a while Dustin Mason from For Yesterdays Dreams, jumped on board playing as a 3rd guitarist. The band then played more shows and had done even better than ever! More people began to love them and wanted to see them live! After one last show with Genesis at The Box Show in Douglas, she then took her leave for Tucson. The band had one last decision to make; would their be clean vocals or not? Gus took up the challenge of alternating between screams & cleans and from that point on became a full time vocalist. Dustin then returned to his former band feeling as though he'd be more comfortable there. After many shows Raymond then left FYD and became Before I Die's full time drummer.
The band then was signed on to Brutal Tooth Records for a short period of time and had gained more popularity and had played in New Mexico and Texas. They are now currently unsigned again and are looking to join another label. They have done great things and fulfilled many of their dreams that not many people ever get to have in their life times. They are happy to say they love where they stand and won't stop until they achieve that greater life they have been searching for and so they still shoot for the stars, and if they so happen to fail at least they can say they tried and for a while were amongst them.